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Sunday, September 25, 2016

In blow to Eric Holcomb's Campaign Indiana State Police Alliance Endorses John Gregg!

The Indianapolis Star's Chelsea Schneider wrote today that the Indiana State Police Alliance has endorsed Democratic Candidate for Governor John Gregg instead of the insider picked RINO Candidate Eric Holcomb! Ouch! That's got to hit Holcomb hard! Schneider reported in their article:

The political organization representing Indiana state troopers endorsed John Gregg for governor on Friday, the first Democrat the group has ever backed to become the state’s top executive.
Chief to the Indiana State Police Alliance’s support of Gregg is the belief he’ll work to raise compensation for officers, who say they have not received a significant salary increase for years.
“(Gregg has) pledged to us to work tirelessly to improve the equipment and working conditions and most importantly the compensation our troopers receive for the services they provide the citizens of Indiana,” said Wayne Flick, a member of the alliance’s political action committee, as he joined Gregg outside the Indiana Statehouse for the announcement.
The group that represents 1,100 active officers said it based its support of Gregg on the positives involved in working with the Democrat, and not on any perceived weaknesses of Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb, the Republican candidate.
“It wasn’t anything Eric lacked,” Flick said.
Gregg, who was joined by running mate state Rep. Christina Hale, said the group’s support meant a lot. The announcement followed another law enforcement powerhouse, the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police, endorsing Gregg.
“It’s not lost on me the importance of this endorsement. We are committed to public safety and supporting law enforcement in Indiana and want to work with them as partners,” Gregg said.
State troopers received a 2 percent pay increase in 2015. But before then, the last bump had been approved in 2007, said Stephen Buschmann, the alliance's lobbyist. That has led to problems with recruitment and retention, with some officers attending the state police’s academy, but going to work for other agencies.

Officers will push for a “healthy increase” as lawmakers write a new, two-year state budget beginning in January, Flick said. He declined to offer further details Friday but said Gregg has promised to “work diligently to get what we want.” An average salary for a first-year officer is around $40,000.
“It’s not going to put us at the top but it will be close to the top with comparable agencies,” Flick said.
Holcomb's campaign said the Republican remains committed to including a salary increase for troopers in the next state budget. The increase would be "in line with the demands of their work and appropriately equipping them to carry out their daily duties."
The newest endorsement comes as a poll released earlier this month shows Gregg with a five-point lead in the governor’s race over Holcomb. The WTHR/Howey Politics Indiana poll had Gregg leading 40 percent to 35 percent. An earlier Monmouth University poll indicated a tighter race for governor, with Holcomb holding a slight 42 percent to 41 percent lead over Gregg.

Holcomb, who Gov. Mike Pence named as lieutenant governor in March, became the GOP candidate for governor in July when Pence decided to join Donald Trump’s presidential ticket.
The first  gubernatorial debate featuring Gregg, Holcomb and Libertarian candidate Rex Bell is set for Tuesday. It will focus on education policy.

Forgive INDY REPUBLICAN if we are skeptical when Wayne Flick of the Indiana State Police Alliance PAC says they "based its support of Gregg on the positives involved in working with the Democrat, and not on any perceived weaknesses of Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb, the Republican candidate.
“It wasn’t anything Eric lacked.”

If Eric Holcomb didn't lack anything why would the State Police Alliance decide to endorse John Gregg for Governor the only Democrat for that office they have EVER endorsed? Obviously Eric Holcomb's campaign is not pleased to hear this! It's interesting that when "Godfather" Governor Mitch Daniels gutted the state civil service laws that an exemption to the ban on collective bargaining was given to the Indiana State Police and the State Police Alliance!

This is why God invented irony! Mitch Daniels and his cronies carve out an exemption to benefit themselves and the State Police Alliance throws Daniels protégé Eric Holcomb under the bus! Seriously does anybody like Eric Holcomb at all! As Republicans we hope that Holcomb get's creamed in his race for Governor! If more curveball's like this keep getting thrown at his campaign he probably will get defeated!

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